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Boarding & Grooming - Dog Kennel

Boarding & Grooming

Here at Indian Creek Kennel we take pride in specializing in pet boarding and grooming. We care for your family member while you’re away as well as offer grooming, bathing and nail trims for them so they are as fresh and happy as the day you left them with us.

Supplements - Dog Kennel


Boost your pet’s health with our pet health supplements, we carry a variety of supplements for pets, including joint care supplements and calming aids for pets with phobias or separation anxiety.

Food & Treats - Dog Kennel

Food & Treats

Your furry friends will enjoy our selection of healthy and tasty pet food and treats. Each food product is made from only the best ingredients found in nature.  We only offer high quality foods, and offer grain free and gluten free options for pets with allergies.  

Appointments Available  |  Learn More about the Best Dry Pet Foods


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Learn about Indian Creek Kennel

Indian Creek Kennel is a local kennel in Carbondale, Illinois. We have more than 20 years of experience boarding and grooming pets. We also carry many different pet treats and supplements to boost the health of your pet.


• $ 20 per night for 1st pet in a run  • $ 15 per night for every additional pet in same run 
• (not spayed or neutered) pets are $4 extra per night • cats are $ 10 per night (must be fixed)


Additional charges:

$ 4 per session.  Does your dog need more attention? Maybe they just like to play and you want them to have some extra one on one time with a person, to play ball or just to be loved on?  Well then, playtime is a great option!  Pets get an additional 15 minutes of one on one time with our kennel techs with each playtime in one of our large fenced in yards.  

Medications: We are capable of giving many medications to meet the health requirements of your pet.  The charge for this service is $ 1 per medication per day regardless of how often med is given.

Grooming: Please call for grooming prices as they vary from pet to pet. 

Contact us to request more information about pricing and ask about a tour of our facilities, we dont bite!

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