All-Natural Dog Food & Treats

Feed your dog only the best with 100% all-natural dog food and treats, available at Indian Creek Kennel, in Carbondale, Illinois. We carry a great line of holistic, unprocessed food that your dog will appreciate for its taste and you for its many health benefits.

Feeding Your Pet Only the Best

We all want to feed the best foods we can to our pets because we love them. But with all the marketing out there, it is hard to know which foods really are the healthiest for our pets.

The Five D’s

So many of the health issues we see in our pets are caused by what is in the food we feed them. The quality of the ingredients in the food found in chain stores is questionable at best. Known in the industry as the “five D’s” (Dead, Dying, Decaying, Drugged, and Diseased), animals which have been deemed unfit for human consumption, are considered fine for our companion animals.

Unnatural Ingredients in Most Dog Foods

Take a look at the ingredients list of the food you feed your pet. Is one of the first three ingredients corn/grain, animal by-product, or animal by-product meal? Grains, especially corn, are filler in food. They offer no nutritional value. Animal by-product is the parts of the animal left over after the meat has been stripped away from the bone. Meat meal contains the boiled-down flesh of animals we would find unacceptable for consumption, including zoo animals and road kill.

A Great Alternative for Your Pet

For years, we've done the research and only carry products from a select few companies we believe in. Each product starts with limited, human-quality ingredients, helpful for animals with allergies. All are holistic and stack up well against any prepared food on the market.

From and California natural we carry some other brands (we have the wholesome blend) (New bulk biscuits)

We also have free samples of most of the brands for people to try before purchasing
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